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GMS Field Trips in 2020

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2020 Field Trips
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Jan 04 (GMS) Alabama
Trilobites, Brooksellas, Rocks with weird markings, other fossils

Jan 11 (DMC) Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club
Sea biscuits, sand dollars, chert, flint, druzy calcite, various Oligocene and Eocene fossils

Feb 09 (GMS) Georgia

Feb 29 (DMC) Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society
Iron Related Tours and Hike

Mar 14 (GMS) Alabama
Jasper, Agate, Ooliths, Petrified Wood, Fossils, and Pie!

Oct 31 (GMS Adopt-a-Highway) Georgia
Tiny Almandine Garnets

Nov 15 (GMS) Georgia
Banded Chert/Agate

Dec 05 (GMS) Georgia
Various Rocks and Minerals
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