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GMS Field Trips in 2023

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2023 Field Trips
fossil= Fossil  mineral = Mineral  rock = Rock  tour = Tour

Jan 06 (GMS) Georgia
Various Rocks, Plant Tour, and Museum Visit

Jan 21 (DMC) Alabama
Mississippian Marine Fossils

Feb 03 (GMS) Georgia
Diamond Blade Plant Tour

Feb 18 (DMC) South Carolina
Quartz, Amethyst, etc.

Feb 19 (GMS) Tennessee
Various Rocks, Tour, and Slag

Feb 25 (GMS) Georgia
Stromatolites and Jasper

Mar 04 (GMS) Tennessee
Geodes, Suiseki, and Ordovician Marine Fossils

Mar 19 (DMC) Georgia
Lace Banded Chert/Agate

Mar 24 (GMS Micromount Section) Tennessee
Micros, Slag, and Tour

Apr 01 (GMS) Alabama
Jasper, Agate, Fossils, etc.

Apr 15 (GMS Junior Section) Georgia
Easter Egg Hunt & Kyanite

Apr 15 (DMC) Georgia
Agate and Agate with Microfossils

May 07 (GMS) Georgia
Banded Agate/Chert

May 07 (GMS) Georgia
Stromatolites and Jasper

May 09 (GMS) Tennessee
Pseudodiorite, Microminerals, Slag, and Tour

May 20 (DMC) Tennessee
Colorful Slag

May 27 (GMS) Kentucky
Geodes and Ordovician Fossils

May 28, 29 (GMS) Ohio
Various Age Fossils and Tours

May 31 (GMS Micromount Section) Alabama
Cacoxenite, Kidwellite, Dufrenite, Strengite, and Rockbridgeite

Jun 03 (GMS) Alabama
Fossils, Jasper, Maybe Agate, and a few other surprises

Jun 24 (DMC) South Carolina

Jul 14 (GMS) Georgia
Tellus Science Museum Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Jul 22 (DMC) North Carolina
Behind-the-scene Museum Tour

Aug 16 (KGMS/GMS) Tennessee
Behind-the-Scenes Tour Fossil Site & Museum, Caverns, Graptolites

Aug 26 (DMC) North Carolina
Olivine, Corundum, Garnets, etc.

Sep 29 (GMS) Georgia
Ocmulgee Mounds Special Tour and Behind-the-Scenes Museum Tour

Sep 30 (DMC) Alabama
Petrified Wood and colorful gravel

Oct 14 (SFMS) Alabama
Fossils, Jasper, Agate

Oct 28 (GMS) Alabama
Jasper, Agate, Fossils, Microminerals etc.

Nov 03 (GMS Micromount Section) Georgia
Microminerals including Scolecite, Epidote, Grossular Garnet, and Diopside

Nov 06 (GMS Micromount Section) Alabama
Microminerals including Kidwellite, Strengite, and Cacoxenite

Nov 11 (DMC) South Carolina
Quartz and other minerals

Nov 11 (GMS) Georgia

Nov 18 (GMS Junior Section) Georgia
Quartz Crystals and Toasted Marshmallows

Dec 02 (GMS) Tennessee
Mississippian Marine Fossils and Geodes

Dec 09 (GMS) Georgia
Various Minerals

Dec 17 (DMC) Georgia
Lace Banded Chert/Agate

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